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Unfortunately those stories get little play in the media when you have Abu Ghraib, all day, every day.


Ben is right, but he forgot Flight 93. To me they are a special group of heroes. They knew for a fact they were going to die, and rather than "go gentle into that dark night", or cower in terror, they found worthy action and saved many more lives. They were the first effective attack in the war on terrorism, and they created a new precedent for passengers defending themselves.

Ben could have also mentioned all the Iraqis that literally risked their lives to vote. What would our turnout be if we had such barriers to face?

My thanks to Ben for bringing it to our attention.

Peg K

Bill, you make an excellent point. Further - is there little doubt that had the Flight 93 heroes not taken down the plane in Pennsylvania, either the White House or Congress - and its inhabitants - may well have been destroyed?

Beyond the sheer awfulness of that act ... what would it have done to our nation? Difficult to imagine.

Thanks for reminding us, Bill.

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