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To me the saddest thing is that the generation that lived through the depression and defeated fascism is dying off and with them, the knowledge of what real hardship was like. Just to put today's war in some historical perspective, here are some facts on Iwo Jima:

US intelligence estimated that there were about 12,000 Japanese on the island when in fact there were about 25,00.

US casulaty estimates were underestimated by about 80%. Of the 70,000 Marines who took part in the battle, 23,000 were casulaties not counting combat fatigue cases.

The island which was about 7 1/2 square miles. The initial landings took place on 2/19 and Japanese resistance not fully eliminated until 3/25. Total US casulaties were: 6,821 Killed 19,217 Wounded 2,648 Combat Fatigue Total 28,686

As I have said repeatedly, if we had instant communication media back then, we would have lost the war.

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