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Peg. I have this odd sense, it comes from seeing a Rice for President 2008 button somewhere on the web. Inwardly I said, well, no way, she's not a politician. Immediately I understood how that is a good thing. If Condi Rice is being groomed, or set up, or placed to run in 2008, what she also is, is a different mode of office holder; one more known for her capabilities and achievments than her posturing and preening. This is a mode Hilary Clinton cannot compete against, as she is not, and I believe, cannot be other than a chameleon. (Apologies to chameleons; no slur meant.) Also, Hilary, at least to me, has pre-Sept 11 sensibilities; a person with those is unelectable. I'm not a policy/political expert; this is just a sense I have.


The 2008 election will be won by who ever takes a strong stand against immigration; us in the South are FED UP with having our neighborhoods lose all their green space, our schools destroyed, and having to spend an hour getting to work when it originally took 25 minutes. The situation is even worse in the Southwest.

Hillary does know what she's doing, making those comments against illegal immigrants.

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