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Aside from being ridiculous it also shows Churchill's hypocrisy. Churchill is vehemently opposed to our capitalistic consumerist society yet it seems that his principles also have a price.

He's having his 15 minutes and in another month he'll be relegated to the memory hole.


Firing the bugger would give him victimis persona eternis, (perpetual victim status). I'd create a chair for him, the OJ Simson Chair of the Eternal Pariah, and invite him to "stay, have a seat". Heh.


I agree with Steve and Kerry. And as much as it pains me, the CU Pres.(although she has no spine as evidenced by the CU football scandals)Firing this clown is to good for him. He needs to go through the same process that Michael Bellesiles, late of Emory U. went through. These two have alot in common. They are both liars and frauds.

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