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The election is over and you are still harshing over the 60 minute documents. While that was a major wrong (and I am not excusing anyone and think Rather got off easy while others paid the price for his rush to aire this false story), I find it somewhat puzzling that there you and others have just turned a blind eye to several events that have occured over the last few weeks.

1. The whole flap over paying someone, in this case Amstong Williams to support White House programs. While watching Mr. Williams on television several times there is no supports these issues and programs, but he has come out and said he was wrong. Yet I have failed to see anyone point a finger at those who also had a part in this. Don't you feel the White House has any guilt in this too, or should it all fall on Mr. Williams doorstep?

2. What about the $9 billion that has somehow vanished in Iraq. Would you turn a blind eye to this if there was a Democrat in office? If John Kerry had been in office wouldn't you demand a full accounting of this mishap??

3. And what about the reporter lobbing softball questions to the President. I won't even go into the gay porn site things. But I am just wondering if this was President Clinton and someone with an alias was allowed into the White House and passed all FBI and Secret Service background checks you would not find anything wrong with this? Would you not think this would call for some sort of investigation? Given the whole scare of terrorism we live in today, doesn't this alarm you that someone can get this close to the President under a fake name or an unknown background? Just how does this happen?

I am just wondering would you and other conservatives, moderates or just Republicans in general would give those in the White House a free pass on these issues if a Democrat was in office? I think not. Or perhaps I am wrong, perhaps I misssed those stories or events posted on this site somewhere? What I am saying is right and wrong are not the sole domain of one party, yet when wrongdoing is being done by those you support, why do you give them a pass when you wouldn't if it was someone you do not support?


I stand corrected, as I look through an older post I did see you mentioned the Jeff Gannon story. But I failed to see where anything was mentioned about how this person got into the White House press corp with a fake name or identity? Not a peep how he got through what is supposed to be a very intense background check. Let me make it clear this has nothing to do with him being gay or his website's. But this man got into the white house grounds under an alias, got inside stories, possibly leaked some stories and no one see's anything wrong? Perhaps they see it yet it because it is under the watch of a Republican Administration they get a free pass? Would you take this approach if it was happening under a democrat administration??

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