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Wow. That is pretty incredible. Though I can't say my mother WAS that much different.

Peg K

To be fair to MY mom, she assuredly was never as drastic nor punitive as this woman's grandmother. Neverhtheless, I honestly cannot remember a time in my life where my mother wasn't monitoring my food and my weight. I either weighed too much or too little, ate too much or not enough, ate the wrong foods, not enough of the right foods, didn't eat at the proper time, DID eat at improper times, etc., etc.

My mother does seem to think that being overweight it a most terrible fate for a woman.


I stopped a long time ago focusing on diets that wouldn't work and exercise programs that stripped out my immune system. I eat healthily, exercise moderately, and am on the fat side of matronly. I have a wonderful life, full of amusement, happiness, love and the fruits of a fine education and a very good income, thanks very much.

I get the impression from other women that I am their worst nightmare, because they can't marginalize me as someone they could never become. Men are furious that I'm not apologetic for my weight. From my observation, it is a national psychosis, and is as vicious and exclusory as any other prohibited discrimination.

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