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Stop making excuses for druggies!! I hope Jeb's offspring goes to jail for her drug crimes.. According to your logic those who have committed crimes in the past should not be charged ever!!

Your logic would excuse KKK killers and even Nazi's....There is no statute of limitations on evil nor should there be any on america's domestic holocaust crimes here in the USA not Germany..

Please deal with this and do not call me a "shwartza" modern yiddish/jewish term for calling black folks "nigger"...

Peg K

I think that Thrasher's comment speaks for itself.


The column was a very cynical use of the governor's daughter's personal life to get back at him for not behaving the way the columnist would like. It may be fair to rake Jeb Bush over the coals, but to attack his daughter is beyond the pale. The SOB did that to one of mine, daughter, wife, or sons, and he'd find out that words do have some very severe consequences. Just remember what I wrote about harm. He committed a harmful act with his column.

Peg K

Exactly, Bill. Attack Jeb Bush for whatever political views he takes or actions he institutes. But to drag in a daughter who has a mental illness.... Utterly disgusting.


get real white folks always making excuses for thier decay and decadence she is mental case she is a low life street junkie who likes getting high and sucking cock for a high..please refrain from the pity party for jeb's offspring..


Peg K

Thrasher: I have no desire to ban anyone from what if? I appreciate visitors from all walks of life and all perspectives.

But I must demand a certain level of civility here, and your remarks are not meeting the minimal level. Please; vulgar and gutter language won't be tolerate.

If you wish to abide by my warning, you are welcome to continue posting. If not, I will have no other recourse than to delete your messages.


That is some serious sleaze that is.


I am not censoring my self get real and again stop making excuses for a junkie whore....

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