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America is a terrorist country no newsflash here, bulk of american terrorists are white folks from every part of the country..again no news flash...

Eva Young

I have heard this sort of rhetoric from SOME lefties, but it in no way represents the mainstream - and is inappropriate for someone working in the Whitehouse to say such things. It would be fine for Rove to say this if he was working for the Republican Party.

I've been to both democratic and republican events - and when you work the crowd and talk to people, you can always find people who say totally wacky things. That doesn't mean they represent the whole party.

Peg K

Eva, it's my understanding that Rove was not talking about Democrats - he was talking about the "Movon-org." crowd. Apparently if you heard the entire speech rather than a sentence or two, that was apparent.

Nevertheless, as I said in my remarks, what Rove said would not be my choice. But, Rove directed his words toward a certain segment of liberals; not at all of them. Surely they are not all this way, as you state.

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