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I wonder what you would say if this was Martin Luther King and his protest against the war in Vietnam. Would you accuse him of seeking 15 minutes of fame, or trying to make a change??

Peg K

There is absolutely no comparison between Martin Luther King Jr. and Cindy Sheehan.

Everything that Dr. King did was with intelligence, respect, dignity and quality. Indeed - this is what led to much of Dr. King's success; his refusal to climb into the mud with his opponents, and his insistence upon civility and honor.

The disparity between this man and Ms. Sheehan is so great - hard to know where to begin to contrast the two.

Of course, the Vietnam war and the war in Iraq are dissimilar in many respects, too.

That is not, however, the primary point.

Surely anyone in this nation has the right and the ability to protest; part of what makes our nation so great.

I find fault with Ms. Sheehan's methods and demeanor. (That I am on opposite sides of her positions on many topics is not relevant to my original post.)

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