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Not sure as to what your point is, but recent polling indicates that the majority of African Americans saw things unfold far different than you did or the person who wrote this piece. A far better and more insightful writing can be found here


Peg K

Greg, rather than say "polling shows...." how about addressing issues and points?

If you believe the author to be incorrect, say why?

It is possible for the majority to be incorrect. Polls show people's opinions. They do not prove them to be right.


What the polling numbers reflect is a state of America that you nor the author have no knowledge of. He can talk all he wants, but what he saw is a different reality to what over 70% of African American's saw. You and him might think they are wrong, yet you two offer nothing but opinion yourself. Most African Americans felt the way tthey did through a history of personal and family experience. If you touch a hot stove and get burned, then next time you come near a hot stove you get weary of it, or at least cautious. Peoples opinions are formed through their own life experiences, and on that note you do not have a clue about the lifeof African Americans.

As far as my feelings, they can be pretty much can be summed up from the below blog posting below. It was written by me, but I agree with let's say 98.5% of it.


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