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Is this what America has come to? Instead of having an open mind and read something from someone who has a different opinion on a topic than them, and perhaps learning something. The remedy that is suggusted hear is to just ignore it in general and in the end learn nothing. This seems to be the approach the Captain takes, and I guess since you are highlighting it, is that your take too?

There are plenty of people I agree with and disagree with. Contrary to you, they at times reside on both side of the political spectrum. Yet I still read them, and hear what they say anyway. By all means no one is right all the time, and so I find that knowing and reading the thoughts on both sides of an arguement or debate is the best way I find to be informed.


Welcome to the brave new world, Greg, where debate is treason, ignorance is bliss, and critical thought is the hallmark of the nerd.

Peg K

Too bad you folks don't have a decent sense of humor. While I honestly do NOT think that some of the New York Times columnists behind the "firewall of sanity" are worth reading - there are many liberal and Democrat writers whom I enjoy and whose ideas I appreciate reading.

The Captain and I were commenting on the stupidity of the new Times' policy as much as anything else.... Fortunately for us, other liberal institutions are encouraging people to read their writers' material. And - I do.

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