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Guilt aside, I am curious do you feel that a great many of Caucasians in this country have and still do benefit from racism. Even if they are not the one's that are guilty of using it on others, are not some reaping the rewards of the practices of racism. I have no interest in assigning guilt, but I do know a lot of people have indirectly benefited from racism while not being guilty of inflicting it on others.


I believe that Caucasians used to benefit mightily from racism. I believe that this inbalance still exists in some respects - probably the biggest being our drug laws, which ought to be completely overhauled.

For the most part, however, I think that what we see are rewards and burdens based more upon class than race. Because a higher percentage of blacks than whites tend to be poor, it may be easy to attribute these inequities to racism rather than class.

All that being said, I know that racism still exists, and that people are still harmed by it. Living in the sort of metropolitan area that I do, I probably see much less of it than I would in some other areas of the country.

To me, I guess the bigger question isn't so much "does racism exist?" or "do some whites benefit from racism"? but rather - what are the most wise courses of action for minorities and for society at large to create a more "color-blind" nation?

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