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This is proof positive that Republicans (and yourself) hold party loyalty over principles. So I am guessing you see nothing wrong with the outing of a CIA officer? Would the same be said if this was a Democratic Administration. I don't believe that for one second. All this comes to light after it is found that Woodward disclosed that some other high official in the Bush Administration has also leaked the same information. This of course comes from an administration that first claimed that 'no one in this administration would leak the name of a CIA officer'. Yeah right. Who would ever call any of these guys accountable or truthful about anything?

Just so you do not just dismiss this as a 'Lefty' charge. I will leave you some words from Joe Scarborough (far from a friend of the left) on his take of the topic.

"The fact that you've got Republicans now in charge of national security, and they are outing a covert agent at a time of war, it's just inexcusable. And those Republicans that support that, they're the Republicans that, quite frankly, are just interested in power and not interested in the things that they said they were going to do when they came to power." – Joe Scarborough 10/04/05


Greg, I'm not a Republican.

I support this President on the War on Terror - and overall give him decent marks for the process.

I am critical of his inability to wield the veto pen when it comes to domestic spending, pandering too often to the religious right, and of not communicating his viewpoints and underlying principles well enough to the American people - among other things.

I agree that outing a secret CIA agent is a bad thing.

Find the evidence that anyone in this administration perpetrated such an act.

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