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I would only assume that looking at the most recent poll numbers the majority of Americans (not just democrats) as you would like to spin it feel differently then you.

While I will not say he came out and lie. I will say the only looked at the evidence that supported their way of thinking. While not dishonest, it is misleading. Two things get me on this. The first is that George Bush and his administration were not at faukt, and those at fault were the CIA. Isn't this the same arguement he used for 9/11. They failed to give him the right information? So we use the same intell that failed us for 9/11 to build a case for war. Sounds kind of silly to me.

Secondly what really get's me is why aren’t Bush and Cheney begging our forgiveness for lying us into war? Hell, after the mountain of irrefutable evidence presented that they knowingly lied about the aluminum tubes, lied about the yellowcake and lied about the connection between Saddam and al Qaeda, you’d think they’d at least be a tad contrite.

Instead Bush and Cheney have ramped up into campaign attack mode. No matter how ridiculous it sounds, they and the RNC still trot out that old dog, “You Democrats saw the same intelligence we did and voted to go to war.” Please Democratic leadership come back at them hard and often.

“We saw the same books, but didn’t know that the books were cooked.”

Democrats should acknowledge that the build up to war and threatening Saddam if he didn’t allow the inspectors carte blanche were reasonable positions. Authorizing the President of the United States to use force to make a dictator comply with international law was not wrong. However the rush to war, virtually alone, the lying about the reasons to go to war, the Pollyannish assumptions about what would happen after the war, are a concatenation of mistakes, lies and blunders that have had unforgivable and bloody consequences. To that end I would urge all Senators and Congresspeople who voted to authorize the use of force in Iraq to tell the President: “We voted to load the gun, not shoot ourselves in the foot.”

Before you twist what I said, or try to assume something I never said, or just ignore what I posted. I would love to hear your assessment on these 3 issues and whether they were true or not.

1) The mountain of irrefutable evidence presented that they knowingly lied about the aluminum tubes,

2) The lie about the yellowcake

3) The lie about the connection between Saddam and al Qaeda

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