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Frank Borger

"You must understand that this is not an election as we define the term. The voters are not voting for candidates. They do not even know who the candidates are most of the time."

This is typical of the leftist hubris I find particularly irritating. Us poor dumb folks are so dumb we can't take care of ourselves, and the elite must guide us in our lives on what we eat, where we live, who we vote for, who we work for etc.


'The voters are not voting for candidates.' Neither are the Brits, the Canadians, the Germans, nor the French, to name a few. They vote for their local politicians, the majority party got to choose their leader as the president/PM for their country. In other words, these Western democrats choose their 'sheiks', who then negotiated among themselves to choose a leader to lord over the entire country. Isn't it " not the considered judgment of every individual as we are accustomed to. The members of each group are simply obeying the dictates of their clan and tribal leaders."? Did the Germans have an idea who their chancellor would be after their recent election? Did they form a 'grand coalition'? Did they negotiate how to 'apportion' their legislative seats to various parties? The voters did not choose their legislators, did they? They didn't choose their Chancellor either, they chose the parties, 'a certain slate'. The French president is not elected, but chosen by his party, and he appoints the PM, and various mayors. The Canadian PM appoints, not nominates, their judges, and Supreme Court justices. This 'wealthy, well educated, very bright man' appears not to be educated in 'parliamentary' systems that run most of the world.

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