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It amazes me the depth of jewish racism against black folks it is much deeper and widespread that I ever imagined. Since the majority of jews in the USA are white they often try to hide thier racism under thier costume of being white. Many black people who are racist usually are reacting to the whiteness of jews not thier religion of course jews no this truth but instead they perfer to play the anti-semetic jewish card whenever this topic surfaces..


Peg , You are a phony you said NOTHING to object to that racist white jewish carpool friend until he mentioned a colored who was working the phones, your selective indignation is tyical and quite revealing..

You are a coward it is obvious..


Huh? Orinocle, apparently in addition to your fierce biases, you have difficulty understanding plain language.

My friend said nothing about the woman who worked at the switchboard. I was the one who mentioned her, as but one example of people who have all sorts of great qualities - and are black. That he said something stupid in response isn't my fault.

Try again, Orinocle. And if you could unload some of that hate you cart around, that might help, too.



Hate?? I have passion for my people as a white jewish person your failure to understand that reality is your shortcoming not mine. "Your friend" was a white jewish bigot stop making me the villan becuase I have dared to point your selective indignation..

As I have stated many times the discord between Blacks and jews the trigger is your whiteness not your religion ...it is tragic to witness white jews playing the antisemitic card when they know it is thier white racism which is causing the problems not thier religious beliefs

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