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All the hoopla surrounding Sen. McCain being shouted down at the New School can be defined only one way: a brilliant campaign stunt. What could be better for a Senator who is seen by the right-wing base as being too cozy with the Left than to be heckled and rudely shouted down by a bunch of bratty liberal kids in New York City?

Now, even conservatives -- who, lest we forget, loathe McCain -- find themselves defending him. Or perhaps this is just a convenient excuse for them to start mending fences with their former punching bag before he becomes their nominee for president.

In my opinion it is hard to imagine that McCain, or anyone working for him, was really that surprised by the response he received when he defended his position of supporting the war at this most liberal of liberal bastions. Maybe San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom should go give a speech at Liberty University about his support for gay marriage and act shocked when people protest him. Of course, he would never be given that platform at such an institution, and why McCain was given his platform at the New School -- by his friend Bob Kerrey-- would be a mystery were the political benefits to him being harassed by a bunch of "angry liberals" not so immediately obvious. It would be slightly less suspicious if McCain had addressed the students without defending the war; something he knew to be more than a touchy subject. But that, of course, would have defeated the purpose of being there in the first place.


I think part of the problem is that those of us on the Left don't have a forum to have our views heard. None of our elected representatives in DC are speaking out against this so it may seem rude but these are the only forums that those of us on the Left have to express our views.


Roderick: surely you jest!

"Those of us on the Left don't have a forum to have our views heard"??

Are you not aware that the MSM tilts far more to the left than the right, by all accounts?

That our universities are populated with professors with views far more concurrent with the left than the right?

That the Internet allows free expression to all, uncensored?

"None of our elected representatives in DC are speaking out against this"??? Against the war? You're not serious.

How many politicians do you wish me to list who have boldly spoken out against the war?

Or - are you talking about something else?

Truly; I am at a loss to understand what point you are trying to make - or, if it is what I have addressed, what shred of evidence you have that you are correct.

I do not mean to be insulting. I am only flabbergasted.


It is tone that can allow for diversity and when people really hear and value another person and then start a response with evidence of that respect... we can begin to build together. Thanks for opening both sides of the issue so well... What do you think tone would look like to show we are considering the other side and looking for value in ideas that differ from ours?

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