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I can only agree to a point. I view it somewhat akin to a later post of yours concerning 'pro-war-ishness'. In peacetime these types of statements may not have a place, but...

The 'moral authority' arbitrarily issued to folks like the Jersey Girls, Cindy Sheehan, and Michael Berg have their limits. Coulter, perhaps tactlessly, is challenging that issuance openly. (Something I regularly do privately.)


Like I said, Steve - I often agree with Coulter's points. If she had tried to be critical of the Jersey girls, Sheehan, and whomever - but respectful - I would say nothing. (I might disagree or agree - yet that is really beside the point.)

When Coulter, or anyone else (such as Rall), however, uses the sort of rhetoric that they do, it diminishes all of us. Ugly, inflammatory speech shuts down discussion and thought.

I very, very rarely wish to do that.


Here's what ya do, Peg.

Run, don't walk, down to the nearest KFC. Order one of their famous 'bowls' with mashed potatoes, corn, chicken nuggets, smothered in gravy and a three cheese blend.

Scarf it down with relish, and soon... and soon you will be abusing Leftists like you never thought you could.

Works every time.


Steve - sorry! No scarfing of KFC bowls into this body, with relish or otherwise!

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