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Marge Ingersol

If a kid is a loser, he needs to hear it. I don't baby my kids. People think I am insensitive for calling my learning disabled child a "retard". I'm just preparing them for the real work and it aint pretty.


Since you're onto sports, let me make this slightly off-topic point. When I was in school years ago, school sports was the preserve of big and tall guys. In the intervening years, progressives figured out that privileging guys was wrong. They have yet to figure out that privileging the big and the tall is wrong. They want to coddle the feelings of people who lose. How about coddling the feelings of those of us who lost out, of those of us who weren't big enough for football or tall enough for basketball? Somehow, that's not important. Watching the progressives demand big changes in some areas, but no changes at all in other equally justified areas, has made me permanently suspicious of them.

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