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I had one of these yesterday on the Elder's recommendation. It was pretty good. It seems to me that KFC intended for people to mix up the layers of the bowl so that the cheese on the top could get melted and make some nice stringy effects. But this KFC Famous Bowl has inspired a strong reaction in both the Elder's dw and you. It would seem that us guys better eat these while we can, because they won't be at KFC for very long.


LOL - I think that I lost the "McLean" for similar reasons at McDonald's. It actually wasn't a bad sandwich.... just a lean burger with lettuce & tomato.

Apparently, however, not enough FAT and CALORIES for the guys - so - it went the way of the dodo birdie.


That is sooo funny. I have run into this discussion twice now with both men telling me that this looks like the best food in the world. Personally? I throw up a bit in my mouth thinking baout it.


What can I say? MORE EVIDENCE!

Frank Borger

All men make mistakes. Married men just learn about their mistakes sooner.


Ooooooooooooooooooooooh, Frank!!!


Look pretty good to me.


Look s/b Looks


The data continues to pile up!


No way would I eat that.


I'd try it. It sounds good.


On the side with a Hardy's Monster Thickburger... Mmmmm!

Peg, how is this much different from the traditional Midwestern women's penchant for 'The Casserole'?


Are you seriously arguing this?


Darby - a scientist like myself sticks to data alone.

So far, however, the pro/anti KFC test seems to be about as conclusive as it comes.

I shall leave it up to you to judge how serious - or not - I am!

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