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Wow, it is early on the West Coast and I have read a whole lot of junk on the web this morning, but I must admit this article that you linked tops it. It is still early, so it is possible that it still can be topped, but you must of really had to reach low to find junk like this. Perhaps Obama (who has stated that he is not running for President) would be viewed in a better light had he been white and his last name was let's say Bush? I am not sure, but me suspects the tone would be totally different.


I take it you disagree with reknown black linguist and author McWhorter? You think that newbie Obama would earn the same treatment irrespective of race, Greg?

I do not, unfortunately.

So - yep, sign me up as "sinking low" to find an article written by a very accomplished black man.


I am curious as do what do you find more important of McWhorter, the fact that he is a linguist (a person who studies human speech including the units, nature, structure, and modification of language) or the fact that he is black?

If one does due diligence they can find opinions from a various of sources, all from people who are just as accomplished as McWhorter (whose accomplishments I do not dismiss) but does that make them and any of their assessments correct? I can find noted scholars as late as 1995 who said they can empirically prove that black people were inferior intellectually, should I hold what they say in the same regard as McWhorter?


Sorry, Greg. Not tracking your point here.

I think that McWhorter is exceptional in many respects, and I am not alone in my opinion. Plenty of plain old empirical evidence to back me up. I agree with most, though not all of what he has written.

I admire both his work in linguistics and his efforts in race relations. That McWhorter is black is only a fact about him; I would agree with the same positions irrespective of his race. Of course, being black does give him a certain perspective that I can never share, not being black myself. I clearly believe that none of us can ever totally understand the exact position of another, for the totality of our experiences are always dissimilar.

Someone being a "noted scholar" does not mean that all of their opinions and/or research is accurate - as I am sure you well know.

If this is your point about McWhorter - that because he is accomplished does not mean that he is correct about this specific point on Obama - with that I agree.

Nevertheless - I ask you. Do you truly believe that Obama would have the spotlight as he does today if he were some white Irish fellow?


Obama probably would not of been given the same light that he has been given if he was white. That is correct, but at the same time, these questions are NEVER asked of white people, and more in point of white men. In this country white males are assumed to be in the positions due to talent and hard work. Can the same be said for women (black or white), or of black men? I do not believe that is the case. When was the last time you could recall that any white male in a position of power has been scrutinize in the same way that this article has questioned Obama? It does not happen, fact is in the last few years there are examples of white men (I can source them if you care) that have gotten to high positions with fraudulent creditionals and resumes.

The fact that you do not like Obama is perfectly clear. I am not sure as to why you dislike him (and I am sure you are going to say that is not the case) or question anthing about him leaves me to wonder. But in the end I just look at this as nothing more than a Right Wing hatchet job.

One last point you asked the question

You think that newbie Obama would earn the same treatment irrespective of race, Greg?

I do not think he should be treated irrespective of race, all I ask is that he shouldn't be singled out because of his race. In 2004, there were 9 Freshman Senators elected. Could you list the number of these Senators whose position and place has been questioned like Obama has? Before becoming Secretary of State many Republicans were calling on Collin Powell to run for President, never did I see anyone question his place and rank, in this same light.


Well - you are right about one thing, Greg. I am going to deny that I dislike Obama - and the reason is because it's the truth!

I cannot imagine why from anything I have said - nor what I posted from McWhorter that you would assume I don't like Obama. I've seen him in interviews, and he appears intelligent, informed, comports himself well ... hell, I wish we had more politicians like him; not less.

Since I will never vote for Obama (at least, unless he runs for president) I am not that informed on all issue positions. But - the man himself? He seems fine to me.

I posted McWhorter's piece because, like McWhorter, I regret that we are not yet at a place where we consider individuals solely because of their talents, accomplishments and character.

As for your last point - how many freshman senators are being considered for national office? If they were to be - you can bet that they would be examined.

As for Colin Powell - he has been in the public eye for years. But - I do think that there was examination of the man - as well there should be, if someone is considering a run for the top spot in our government.


While Obama may be some years away from national qualifications, he has distinguished himself with legislative accomplishment unusual for a first-termer.



There is substance to go with the style.

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