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I know we do not see eye to eye on many issues, and at times I have labeled some of your stands inconsistant. Yet on this issue I agree with you 100% and I must admit you have been consistent on this point. Not sure if I can say we will agree on points agin, but I also must give credit where credit is due. As someone who I would think is a right wing leaning conservative (and that is not a bad thing or an insult) you have been always steadfast on this issue.


Thank you, Greg.

Actually, if you examine all of my beliefs, some really are what would be considered traditionally "liberal" thought.

To my way of thinking, whatever consenting adults wish to do sexually is their own business.

Given that belief, in concert with what I see to be empirical evidence that our sexual persuasion really is "inborn" and not chosen, I would have no reason not to support civil rights for my gay friends and family.

I do have family, friends and acquantainces who are gay. That aspect of who they are has nothing to do with their quality (or lack thereof) as people.


James R Ament

Peg, I certainly agree with the main point but would add this caveat to your comment, "That aspect of who they are has nothing to do with their quality (or lack thereof) as people." Very true, except when gays make their gayness THE defining aspect of their character, e.g. gay pride parades and Andrew Sullivan, a good writer/thinker, who I got tired of reading since he seems to see "everything" through his gay lens.


James - I agree with you that we shouldn't allow one aspect of who we are to overshadow all. We also must remember that what may be crucial to us does not have the same impact on the greater public.

That being said, when your civil rights are denied to you (which I believe is still the case with gay folks, even though things are better today than they were a few decades ago) - it's hard to "fergetabout it" all the time.

Andrew Sullivan does go a bit overboard - but he lost me more from what I saw more as focusing on personality rather than events and actions politically, irrespective of gay rights.

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