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Mr. Grouchypants

This seems like a good argument against nationalized health care. If the government will go this far for a "public" health concern, imagine what they will do once the government is responsible for everyone's personal health.


Imagine if you would national health care (and I know this is far from the topic of the post), but in a globalizing world, if we as a country had national health, could that make companies in the United States better able to compete in the world markets? Health care cost for the Big 3 automakers adds at least $1500 per each car made here in the US. I am just wondering if we had nationalized health care, would our companies be better able to compete with those countries such as Japan and others who do not have the same employer cost when it comes to taking care of their employee's as do some companies do here.

Again I know this is far from the topic, but it was just a thought. I really haven't looked into the viablitiy of this, or the costs. It was just something that has been swirling in my head lately.

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