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First step in swinging the pendulum back is to return to conservative values and principles. I would not in most ways be labeled as conservative, I believe that government can play a role or security blanket for those who need help. But in my eyes there was nothing conservative about George Bush and the last Republican Party. They lost solely because they lost their way. Record deficits, nation building, intrusive government, there was nothing conservative about their positions. I cringe when I hear so-called conservatives excuse a President for suggesting he had the right to wire tap American citizens without warrants, to condone torture, to suspend Habeas Corpus in any fashion. To lay down and not provide over-site to war contracts and war profiteers (something Harry Truman labeled as treason when he formed the Truman Commission). These are not conservative views. Conservatives when they return to their core principles and stop catering to the Evangelicals and Religious Right will be OK. They have a very important place in this country and this government, and once they get back to their core values, I believe everything will be OK.


Not a lot for me to argue with here, Greg.

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