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David Strom

Too true.

they SAY they care. We act.

Moral exhibitionism vs. moral purpose.


I am curious as in which ways do the "We" act you are speaking of. I only ask this because the numbers of those who are living in poverty keeps increasing, those without medical insurance keeps increasing. Just last Friday the Minneapolis Star Tribune (http://www.startribune.com/484/story/1022389.html
) reported that the number of those who are living in severe poverty has hit a 32 year high of 16 million people who are living in severe poverty. In fact according to the Tribune, Minnesota's severe poverty rate rose the fastest of any state. So I am wondering as to what do you base this notion of "We act"? You say "We act", yet the numbers dispute this. So here I am again looking for someone to demonstrate some sort of empirical fact or evidence of this generous nature to the poor that those Anti-Left or Anti-Liberal people claim to be.

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