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Or perhaps she might be speaking about working towards some sort of renewable energy, or perhaps moving this country to a position in which we might be energy independent, and not having to rely on foreign oil sources. That might be something new, interesting, and somewhat beneficial to the country, yet it is hard to tell from a 35 second video clip as to what Hillary was speaking to.

What I find really interesting is as Exxon records record profits, this country has not made one substantial move to becoming energy independent. In fact we have moved in the other direction under the Bush Administration. It seems that President Bush has spoken about the need for energy independence in every State of the Union Address he has had. But let's examine the facts. Here is a small glimpse at what he has said over the past years.

2007: “For too long our nation has been dependent on foreign oil. And this dependence leaves us more vulnerable to hostile regimes, and to terrorists who could cause huge disruptions of oil shipments…raise the price of oil…and do great harm to our economy.” [1/23/2007]

2006:"Keeping America competitive requires affordable energy. And here we have a serious problem: America is addicted to oil, which is often imported from unstable parts of the world. The best way to break this addiction is through technology." [1/31/2006]

2005: "To keep our economy growing, we also need reliable supplies of affordable, environmentally responsible energy. … I urge Congress to pass legislation that makes America more secure and less dependent on foreign energy." [2/2/2005]

2004:"Consumers and businesses need reliable supplies of energy to make our economy run — so I urge you to pass legislation to modernize our electricity system, promote conservation, and make America less dependent on foreign sources of energy." [1/20/2004]

2003:"Our third goal is to promote energy independence for our country, while dramatically improving the environment. …Even more, I ask you to take a crucial step and protect our environment in ways that generations before us could not have imagined." [1/28/2003]

2002:"Good jobs also depend on reliable and affordable energy. This Congress must act to encourage conservation, promote technology, build infrastructure, and it must act to increase energy production at home so America is less dependent on foreign oil." [1/29/2002]

2001:"We can produce more energy at home while protecting our environment, and we must. We can produce more electricity to meet demand, and we must. We can promote alternative energy sources and conservation, and we must. America must become more energy-independent, and we will." [2/27/2001]

But once again, the facts bare this out. Despite his rhetoric, under President Bush foreign oil dependence has increased. Though President Bush has pledged to reduce our energy dependence, the United States has become increasingly dependent on foreign oil, from 58% in 2000 to 70% as of September 2006. Our dependence on OPEC nations for oil imports has risen to its highest level in 15 years. While President Bush as been focusing on expanding domestic exploration, he perpetuates our dependence on oil.

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