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David Strom

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I guess this is another attempt to call the media liberal and Left leaning? Yow the whole media is the right arm of the DNC kind of argument. I find it so amusing how this myth is consistently being railed by those on the Right, yet they offer very little evidence of this being so. As in this instance you pick a word here, or a line here, and hold that up at bias, yet you exclude stories, the way that they are reported, and in general the whole tone of the media in general. It would be like going into a library and saying the only books they have are murder mystery books after only going into the murder mystery section. It is not very subjective when you only view it (the media) in small instances and not as a whole.

But here is what I am sure of. I am sure you hold the idiots (your words not mine) at news organizations such as FOX News and FOX in general, the Washington Times, the New York Post, and the OP-ED for the Wall Street Journal to the same standards and criteria? I mean if you did not, wouldn't that be somewhat hypocritical? I could if I had the time debunk this tidbit as I have done with the recent post on the deficit, global warming, and JFP's mindless rant on how liberals are soft on crime, but I have to run some errands so this might have to be taken up at a later date.


Perhaps it is a thinly veiled reference to the Budget Deficit Aneurysm.
Perhaps not.
After all, it is a problem for future generations.

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