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You deserve all of it. What a wonderful arrangement.

Keith Burgess-Jackson

Congratulations, Peg!


The rumor around my neck of the woods (I'm not too far from Lake Geneva) is that you use performance enhancing drugs. Congress will step in if the world of bridge doesn't do more urine and blood testing with suitable punishments.

Aside from that... congratulations!


Steve - if ever there were someone who would not have to worry about the drugs - it would be me! If I have 2 glasses of wine a year, that's pushing it!

Thanks for the congrats. Continues to be a fun and exciting time!

David Strom

Peg, you are the best!

I wish I had thought of the flowers, but of course thoughtfulness has never been my strong suit.

Assume I MEANT to send them, so I can get the credit. ;-)

And tell Steve to get his mind out of the gutter!

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