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What you say is true, but for any problem to be solved, people first have to admit there is a problem. It is like an alcoholic who hasn't admitted they have a drinking problem, until they address that issue, nothing can be done. As of now, this Administration, a great many in this country do not view global warming as a problem.

As far as problems, in an economic sense the issue of global warming and addressing it could become a boom to this country. If we as a country begin to work on dealing with these issues now, we could be on the forefront on renewable energy and other avenues that could be prosperous for us as a country. Just think of the jobs, and the boast to the economy that this country would see if we were on the forefront on this future endeavor. Or, we could be like the Big 3 automakers who laughed at Japanese automakers and their smaller cars. Look at their refusal to even look into hybrids or even electric cars. It is sad that our cars cannot even be imported into China because they fail to meet their gas and emission standards. Wind energy, renewable energy, hybrid cars are all avenues that I know this country could monopolize if we put some effort as a country into them. The boast on our economy would be also a great benefit too. But that is only just a thought.


Greg - it is a fiction to think that our vehicles aren't sold in China - for emissions reasons or anything else.

They are:


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