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Liberals believe that poor people lack the intelligence to lift themselves above poverty?? Is that some sort of factual statement, or is that what you believe liberals think? As someone who you would classify as a liberal, let me just say, among the liberals I know, this is not the case. Given the fact that I have come in contact with far more people in poverty than you, I know this is not true at all.

When I look into the majority of reasons why people stay or are unable to lift themselves from poverty I see many factors that are there, and none of them come from a lack of intelligence. Some of these factors are inferior schools, inferior access to higher education, inferior pay, inferior health care or child care, and let us not forget discrimination in the workforce. These are the factors that this liberal believes has more to do with people remaining in poverty than intelligence. It has always been my belief that if the playing field was level and fair, everyone has the opportunity to make their way in this society. And while I agree intelligence helps a whole lot, there are a great many people out there who have succeeded and display very little intelligence and very little qualifications to be in the positions that they are in. Just as there are many intelligent people out there who are not given the same opportunities as others to succeed no matter how smart they are.


Greg, I am delighted to hear you say this! I applaud that you, too, realize many reasons cause people to find themselves in poverty. But - it is not impossible for them to extricate themselves and move into a middle class environment.

Everyone cannot make it out. Nevertheless, with optimism, help and support, many can.

Glad you agree!


We agree so does that mean you are a Liberal? Because the notions you attribute to liberals are just not true. I know of no liberal that believes that people are poor because they are unintelligent. I seen that attitude coming from far too many conservatives (ie FoxNews The Bible of the Right).

Liberals have always fought and believed in fighting against the issues I listed. Liberals believe that the problems of poverty can be helped by addressing inferior schools, inferior access to higher education, inferior health care, and discrimination as a means to deal with the issues of people living in poverty. We have always believed in a level playing field, and the notions that you suggested were of liberals is completely off based. In fact they truly be found in much of the conservative mantra than anywhere else. Just look at the many quotes from Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity for proof on this. Last time I looked none of these people were liberal.


Greg, all liberals do not share the same entire set of beliefs no more than all conservatives do.

I guarantee you that some subset of liberals really do believe that a majority of the poor are unable to make it in life without substantial help and assistance - forever - from the government.

Similarly, many conservatives do have more optimism and hope that at least some proportion of the poor can escape poverty - through some of the channels that you name.


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