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LOL...Great cartoon!


I am curious did either of you know that there was a Republican Delegation that went to Syria both before Nancy Pelosi's trip? Are you aware that some other republicans went there after she left? I find this somewhat hypocritical to watch people criticize Pelosi, yet remain mum about the Republicans that went to Syria??

Before Pelosi arrived in Syria Republican Reps. Aderholt and Wolf visited Syria. This was according to a congressional official on Rep. Robert Aderholt’s (R-AL) staff, who stated that Aderholt and Rep. Frank Wolf visited both Israel and Syria. Along on the Pelosi trip was Republican Rep. Hobson who went with her on the Syria visit.


Well - Dick Cheney was critical of Republicans that went there.



I don’t think that any elected official should be in another country trying to speak of a different foreign policy other than the current one. These Senators and reps were not elected to travel around the world and speak to foreign leaders. This applies to both Democrats and Republicans.


That is a real strong denouncement from Cheney. There is only one name highlighted in that story and that name is Pelosi. The headline reads Cheney chastises Dem's trip to Syria. Now how many people do you really think know all the facts? If one watches the bastion of liberal media that you decry, you are lead to believe that Pelosi was the only one that went. But then again, given the fact that people were stupid enough to listen to those idiots claim Iraq was a threat to us, and that the terrorist will follow us here, if we do not fight them there, it is clear that people will fall for anything.

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