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Here are 2 other views on this topic:




Greg. You seem to think I (or the professor) am making a value judgment about the ruling.

I am not.

Talking about the way it was REPORTED.

A world of difference.

The reporting is slanted and not straight news. That's the issue here.


Perhaps so, yet I cannot recall you pointing out how Fox News reported Mark Foley as a Democrat. How about CNN's false story about Obama's early school education, or even Lou Dobb's false assertions of illegal aliens and leprosy? I could run off a ton of false and slanted stories on just Fox News alone. This is a fact, viewers of Jon Stewart's Daily show are more informed on national and international affairs than those that watch Fox News. Where is your comment on the slant that they do?

This notion of the liberal media is just a myth, one that cannot be backed by fact, and that my point on that. On this story alone, it was just to highlight the important facts of this story, this issue, and the Supreme Courts decision.

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