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James R Ament

Wow! A lot of angry comments on that post!


I am one who can, and has disagreed with many of the things Judge Rogers has said and done throughout her judicial career. This is an interesting sound bite, but nothing more than that. If she would of provided more content to what she was saying I would perhaps may have been in some agreement with her, but all I have here is a sound bite. A genuine right wing Republican talking point, and like most of these talking points, it is absent of many facts and reality. I am curious do her remarks go as far as criticizing the no-bid contracts that Halliburton received, or all the handouts that Big Oil and pharmaceutical companies have received in the last few years? How about the countless numbers of government handouts and contracts that friends of the Bush Administration and Republican Party have received over the last 6 years. Are these too, not a form of welfare that she would also decry? Or does he ideal of welfare and handouts only apply to senior citizens and the poor? If that is the case, as I believe (and it is only my belief) then this is nothing more than a sound bite.

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