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As if we have not seen the same things done here? If one could look back at some of the many lies and and inaccurate stories we have been given here, I am amazed at how you find this so upsetting. For the record let me list a few things that have been proven wrong that have been featured in our press.

1. How about Pat Tillman's death, and the way it was covered.

2. The Jessica Lynch rescue story.

3. The whole Jeff Gannon and the fake name, coverage, and access given to him at the White House. This man used a fake name, and was a complete fraud. But still the same he was given FBI clearance to be in arms reach of the President. For some reason this never raised an eye brow with anyone.

4. Armstrong Williams being paid to tell pro-Bush Administration policies.

These are just a few examples off the top of my head where we have been led astray by false stories. Now considering the example you cite, and the one's I listed, which one's do you think are more a serious offense? The story about the Queen, or the few stories I just highlighted?

Wrong is wrong, and I am not letting the BBC skate, but one cannot look down from their high horse and look down on the British news organizations when the news we have been fed has been so lacking. Just to further illustrate the weakness of the so-called liberal press. It was recently polled that 41% of Americans still think Saddam had a role in 9/11. Care to take a guess where those opinions came from? Let me guess, it is all due to the so-called liberal, Bush loving media.

Mr. Grouchypants

The Queen story is frightening because it illustrates something about the mindset at the BBC. For whatever reason, they thought they could lie about the Queen and get away with it. Dishonesty and hubris - not a good combination.


"For whatever reason, they thought they could lie about the Queen and get away with it. Dishonesty and hubris - not a good combination."

Perhaps they should of stuck to lying about WMD's, false assertions for going to war, and other less important things like they do here in the United States. Heaven forbid if people were given the truth in the beginning of the war in Iraq. Perhaps billions of dollars would of been saved, and thousands of lives too. The hubris is the thought that the story about the Queen far outweighs these stories. Also Hubris is a brilliant book on how the American people were sold this false war.

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