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While I agree with you on how outrageous this is, this is not the first instance of something like this happening. Back on April 9, 2007 Bob Herbert of the New York Times wrote an op-ed detailing the account of a girl in Florida being arrested, hand cuffed and charged with a felony for having a tantrum in class. After the incident Herbert interviewed the "no-nonsense" police chief who defended the arrest of the girl.

"When 6-year-old Desre'e Watson threw a tantrum in her kindergarten class a couple of weeks ago she could not have known that the full force of the law would be brought down on her and that she would be carted off by the police as a felon," Herbert wrote. "But that's what happened in this small, backward city in central Florida. According to the authorities, there were no other options."

Avon Park police chief Frank Mercurio said "The student became violent. She was yelling, screaming -- just being uncontrollable. Defiant". After Herbert responded, "But she was 6," Mercurio's "reply came faster than a speeding bullet: 'Do you think this is the first 6-year-old we've arrested?'". Mercurio added, "Believe me when I tell you, a 6-year-old can inflict injury to you just as much as any other person."

Herbert went on to note, "Last spring a number of civil rights organizations collaborated on a study of disciplinary practices in Florida schools and concluded that many of them, 'like many districts in other states, have turned away from traditional education-based disciplinary methods -- such as counseling, after-school detention, or extra homework assignments -- and are looking to the legal system to handle even the most minor transgressions.'"

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