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You know, what Dale Carpenter said is true.

"People's sexual orientation is about as relevant to the quality of their character as their height or their hair color. "

I agree with that 100%. But, when you are in a political party that has gone out of it's way to demonize gay people, and act as if they are second class people, then you end up with a very homophobic base, who have a serious problem with gay people. Look at the way in which the candidates for the Republican Party nomination tries to out anti-gay each other. This party ran, and basically won an election on the issue of gay marriage, demonizing gay people. I think it is kind of hard for it to suddenly become a party that finds itself open to gay people. Please name me a few Republican's and any of those running for President who have not ran on a slate that has not come down hard on gay people. That being said, it must also be pointed out that I have disagreed with many Democrats on this issue too. John Edwards and his statement about once being uncomfortable with gay people, John Kerry's stance on civil unions but no on gay marriage, or Bill Richardson's thoughts on gay people are also pathetic in my eye.


Actually, Greg, my favorite GOP presidential candidate, Rudy Giuliani, has been pretty supportive of the gay community. More so than some Democrat politicians, I think.

Although I think you are clearly wrong about some Republicans and gays - you are correct about others. Any politician who demonized or demeaned gays would be a politician for whom I would not vote; I wouldn't care what their party affiliation might be.

Oh; and by the way... I am not a Republican. I sometimes vote for them, for sure! But - not a registered anything. I have always considered myself independent, and nothing has changed about either party for me to alter that attitude.


I am wrong about Republicans and gays? How would that be so? First of all I did not paint a picture of any individual Republicans feelings on the issue of gay people. I stated what is simply fact, as a political party they have taken the position of being anti-gay, and no amount of spinning can change that. This is the party that ran on anti-gay marriage, gays in the military, and many other issues against gay people. There is no amount of spin that you can muster up to change that. Just go back and view the speeches they made at their last National Convention and the issues of their plank. It is not the politician I am speaking about who speaks out against gay people, it is the thoughts, and words that are echoed by the party as a whole that I am referring too. As a party they use their anti-gay rhetoric and cloak it in the words family values, and traditional marriage . Kind of funny coming from a party with many leading officials of that party having multiple marriages and broken families. How does having 3 marriages work in the whole agenda of family values?

As for the I am not a Republican statement, that is a joke. You walk almost lock step with everything that comes out of the Bush Administration and the Republican Party. I have yet to see one issue that they have brought up that you have disagreed with. I am sure there are some, but to this date I cannot recall any. I mean a person who consistently repeats Republican talking points as if they were the gospel, and to my mind has never had anything favorable to say about any Democrat, and then claim they are not a Republican is simply ludicrous.


Greg - in case you have not caught on yet, when you write comments like this one, they're not really worth a response.

Not my fault if you do not pay attention to what I write at what if? If you think that someone who is strongly in favor of gay rights, who supports the right to choose (at least early on in a pregnancy), who thinks that our drugs laws should be overhauled, and who is in favor of revamping our policies on immigration is in "lock-step" with Republicans - well, then we see things quite differently. I didn't know that this was the "Republican" viewpoint.

There is much that I dislike about politicians in both parties; part of why I vote for individuals who are Republican, Democrat and independents. Frankly, more of my votes have gone to independents than to members of either major party.

As for your points about Republicans and gays, I have stated that I think Democrats have a more positive attitude toward gays than Republicans do. One of my criticisms of Republicans - if you've been paying attention.

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