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We disagree with many issues, and in this case I have very little to disagree with you on this. I admit as you do that this was an injustice, but I am not sure of the prejudice you speak of in the Duke case, but this case is far from being unusual. So while we both agree that this is an injustice, there is and was a slight difference between this case and so many others. First of even though the prosecutor knew he had a weak case (and that is stating the case mildly) these young men I do not believe ever served any time in jail or prison. Also, unlike so many others, these young men, while they did go through a kind of private hell, they will always be known as young men who were unjustly accused of a crime. I would implore anyone who really want to see an interesting case, I would ask anyone to view the case of Jerry Miller.

To those who have no knowledge of the case Jerry Miller was a ,am who spent more than 24 years in prison after being convicted of rape of robbery. Mr. Miller was innocent of all charges, yet he spent 24 years in prison. A major portion of his life was taken away. His case marked the 200th exoneration due to DNA evidence for The Innocence Project. While all of this is well documented, it is his outlook on life and the experiences he has taken from it, is what makes this case so remarkable. Anyone who has any interests into cases such as this should watch this short interview of Jerry Miller, it is truly remarkable. It can be viewed at this link.

One last thing. I do not want anyone to believe that I am saying what happened to these young men was not wrong, or that they did not deal with an injustice. My point is that the hell they went through is sort of pale to the many cases that have happened to so many others who did not have the wealth or the media to highlightt their cases.


Greg - I think that for the most part, we do agree. Surely many have suffered far more than these students did, and have been the target of far more serious prejudice and awful actions as a result.

Still - I think that they surely did suffer from prejudice. In today's world, many literally are prejudiced against you if you are white, male and wealthy or upper middle class. You may disagree - but I surely think it's the truth.

While I wholeheartedly agree that white college students will have to go a long ways to match the injustices done to some other groups - any injustices due to one's skin color or standing is bad. (I personally think that Vick is getting much worse punishment than some lowly commoner would have to face; his being a celebrity is a huge liability in his circumstances.)

Anyway. Duke is but one more example of how tough it seems to be for humans to treat one another equitably and without regard to their race, their sex or their class.

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