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I am curious as to where this complaint is coming from? Is this directed to those who received donations from Hsu, which to this date no one can connect any of Hsu wrong doings with those who have received contributions from him? Or is this more of a debate on the whole aspect of those who give and to those that receive these donations. Now if I were to use history as a judge, I would suspect that this is another weak attempt to slam a democrat and cloak it under the whole topic of campaign contribution.

I ask this because if this was a serious discussion on the topic of those that contribute to politicians why not start with Jack Abramoff? Why not look into why Rick Renzi, Ted Stevens, John Doolittle had their homes raided by the FBI? What is the reasons behind Duke Cunningham and Bob Ney being in jail? Why not mention K Street or John Boehner giving out tobacco checks on the floor of the senate to get passage of laws favored by the tobacco industry? Where on this blog is there ever a mention of the horrible things that were allowed to happen in Saipan and Northern Mariana Islands because of campaign donation? To those who do not know workers in Saipan and Northern Mariana Islands were being paid barely half the U.S. minimum hourly wage and were forced to live behind barbed wire in squalid shacks minus plumbing, work 12 hours a day, often seven days a week, without any of the legal protections U.S. workers are guaranteed. This does not even include the prostitution, and forced abortions that were allowed to occur under the wink and nod of people such as Tom Delay and John Doolittle. But not a peep here. Since I have seen none of this being mentioned, I will assume that this is just another attempt to slam a democratic fund raiser? If whatever Hsu has done compares to just the things Abrahoff has done (and a list of his deeds and those he paid off can be found here http://thinkprogress.org/abramoff ) then we can have a discussion.

Do you know what the major difference in the case involving Hillary Clinton accepting donations from Hsu and those of the Republicans I mentioned above? Hillary Clinton is not being looked into doing anything illegal and she was not involved in anyway with Hsu's actions. This cannot be said for any of the Republicans I have mentioned. If you were to discuss this in a serious factual matter, this would be easily seen. This is nothing more than an attempt to divert one's eye off one problem Larry Craig and an attempt to smear a democrat.


Don't forget Tom Noe, the Bush Pioneer and Ohio coin dealer who embezzeled more than a million dollars from the state and used some of it to fund political contributions in the name of others.


Dan - if you think that I believe one party only has a lock on individuals committing crimes or stealing - you are barking up the wrong blog.

Unfortunately, we could spend a long time regaling one another with people from both parties who are crooks.


Here is one story that we haven't heard too much from the press. This straight from the Crooks and Liars website:

Romney Fundraising Scandal Ignored By Liberal Media - Clinton Gets Hammered Over Hsu

August was a disastrous month for Republicans and the Romney campaign took a huge hit when it’s national finance committee co-chairman, Alan B. Fabian was charged in a 23 count indictment, including charges of money laundering, mail fraud, perjury and obstruction of justice. It’s reported Fabian, a former Bush Pioneer, allegedly ran a scheme that netted him millions of dollars which were used to purchase beach front property and travel. The Romney campaign said they would return Fabian’s $2,300 campaign donation, but not funds donated by others through him. Fabian stepped down from Romney’s campaign shortly after his August 9th indictment — but you may not have heard much about this scandal.

However, you may have heard of a scandal involving Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign and a less-than savory character named Norman Hsu. According to reports from the LA Times, Hsu skipped out on a 1991 plea agreement in San Mateo Co. CA, in which he was to serve three years for grand theft. Hsu, who turned himself in to authorities in CA on Friday and awaits a September 5th bail hearing, became a top Democratic fundraiser and contributor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign as well as other Democratic candidates, including Senator Barack Obama, much of which was laundered through others. The Clinton campaign has agreed to return $23,000 in campaign donations from Hsu, and Obama has agreed to donate his $2,300 donation to charity.

While both scandals hold equal potential for damage to the respective candidates involved, the media, for unknown reasons, gave Mitt Romney a pass, while devoting ample time to Hsu and the Clinton campaign. According to Media Matters, NBC, CNN and FOXNews all covered the Hsu scandal, but none of the aforementioned networks dedicated any time to the Romney/Fabian scandal that can be found in the Nexis database. More from Media Matters:

Summary: In recent days, NBC, CNN, and Fox News have all aired reports or discussed the case of Norman Hsu, who The Wall Street Journal suggested may have funneled illegal campaign contributions to Sen. Hillary Clinton. However, when Mitt Romney’s national finance committee co-chairman Alan Fabian was charged with mail fraud, money laundering, bankruptcy fraud, perjury and obstruction of justice, the three networks did not report or discuss it during programs available in the Nexis database.

Peg you are correct when you say that things cannot be limited to one party, yet you only highlighted Hsu, why is that? Never a peep from you or anyone on the Right about all those Republicans whom have been found guilty of illegal things or being investigated of wrong-doing. There is just this attempt to paint a cloud of wrong-doing on Hillary. That is where my questioning is coming from. If you wanted to discuss the issue in it's full scope, then why not paint the picture as it has been, one dominated by Republican's and not a sleazy attempt to brand a Democrat as this attempt seemed to do?

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