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You are outraged by this, yet not a peep about all the so-called "family value" Republicans who have been caught knee deep in sex and corruption scandals. Do names such as David Vitter, Ted Haggard, or Larry Craig come to mind? It is amazing how you are quick to criticize and point out any fault you might find in a Democrat, yet are always silent on unlawful, and often unmoral acts of Republicans. Couldn't one describe that at chutzpah?



Greg; you are behind in your reading. Just within the past few days, I posted a link to a hysterical rendition about poor Larry Craig's adventures in my local airport rest rooms.

If you're looking for a site that doesn't criticize Republicans, then you have to look elsewhere.


My point has much more to do than Larry Craig. My point, which has been consistent is the hypocrisy I see from you and those on the right. You consistently claim people on the Left are hypocritical (ie. Al, Gore, and here John Edwards). Then consistently fail to point out the hypocritical actions of those on the right. It seems like every week there is a new Republican sex scandal. Whether it us one soliciting sex in men restrooms, or another performing sex acts on young men while they are asleep, these guys seem to have no bounds to their personal debauchery. Like I mentioned before, the laundry list of these hypocritical Republicans is long. People such as Ted Haggard, Rush Limbaugh, David Vitter, Randall Tobias, Bob Allen, Mark Foley, and Newt Gingrich is just a small list of those who say one thing in public, then go ahead and do the same thing in their own personal life. Personally I have no interests in what Larry Craig does in his private life. If he is gay, bisexual, or what ever, what he and another adult do in private as long as it is consensual, then I have no problem with it. Now I wouldn't approve of taking place in a public restroom, but in general I could care less. But, and there is a but here. When you stand up, and criticize and demonize others for the same thing you do, then we have a problem. That in my book would make someone a hypocrite.

Also it is always interesting that every time you post one of these stories, it is always an attack on the messenger, and never the message. You point to the hypocrisy of Al Gore, yet never are you able to informatively debate the position he takes. Not too long ago you posted about an op-ed Paul Krugmann wrote, yet could not muster up anything to refute what he said. Here it is John Edwards and SUV's, yet no discussion on the topic of SUV's, or are reliance on foreign oil. So I wonder are you stating that as a country we should not look into fuel consumption, or weening ourselves off foreign oil? If you are, then you would be disagreeing with George Bush who has made this a part of every State of The Union Speech since he has been President. Too bad actions speak louder than words since we are more dependent on foreign oil now, than when he took office.


Greg, Peg already answered your initial complaint. Can't you read?

As for the actual content of what people like Gore say, here is my critique. Throughout college and into grad school, I kept running into leftists in the humanities who subscribed to the Gospel According to Thomas Kuhn. They insisted that science was nothing but theories succeeding theories, that observation was "theory-laden," that scientific objectivity was impossible, that any scientific theory merely reflected what the dominant class wanted, and that Newton's Principia was a rape manual.

So, where are these people now? Why are they silent? Don't they have any integrity? Don't they have the courage of their convictions? Shouldn't they be fired from their jobs as professors in the humanities if they aren't willing to come forward at this time and join the debate?

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