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Ramstad was far different than most of the current Republican's in which he voted his conscience more than following the party line. Republicans such as him, and Lincoln Chaffee were and are rare gems in the Republican Party. They are actually Republicans I could vote for.


Many people who serve are decent people and "good guys."

Ramstad is exceptional, though.

One of the biggest features that sets him apart, though, is his lack of partisanship. That is what we really are missing in the political arena today; people who are willing more to work with others for the good of the nation, rather than just get "their guys" into office.

A lot of people feel as you do, Greg, about JR.

Nancy Sabin

Thank you for your article on U S Rep Jim Ramstad. He has been a tireless champion for so many issues that affect the quality of life for Minnesotans. We are especially proud of Jim for helping pass Jacob's Law in 1996, now considered to be landmark legislation. Politicians like Jim are a dying breed....those who work at doing what's right and good for the people and someone who works across the aisle to get things done. Nancy Sabin, Executive Director, Jacob Wetterling Fdtn www.jwf.org

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