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I am curious as to who are these people who say and think "poor children cannot learn and excel" or "kids of color in urban ghettos cannot achieve and rise" ? I am just wondering who are these people that say that? Also are you able to produce any examples of these people saying these things beside some generalization or perception you might come up with?


Try this, Greg:




Plenty more out there, too.

Too many people of all stripes think that the hurdles to educate these kids are too daunting.


I followed the links and I found nothing there that emphasized the poor people cannot succeed. Perhaps I copied the wrong link, but from what I saw, I did not seeing anything advocating that line of thought. My only point is what intelligent person actually believes that poor or minorities cannot excel? I have, and continue to believe many poor and minority students do not have access to the same quality of schools that others face. It is not for a lacking of talent or ability, it is more due to poorer, less qualified schools that they children go to. The notion that these children cannot achieve I believe would and could could only be found in a racist mindset.


Greg - over and over again, you fail to get the point of so many of my posts.

The point is not what you think is sensible and right. The point is not what I think is sensible and right.

The POINT I was making is that there is some subset of everyone who does believe that poor and/or minority kids aren't able to achieve as well as other kids. Call everyone who thinks this racist, if you wish (despite the fact that some who think this happen to be minority teachers). Doesn't matter to me; I'm not sure who they all are.

All I know is that they're out there. And I happen to think that in part, they hamper efforts for kids to get well educated.

In any case, I do not agree with them. And schools like Urban Prep are evidence that these people, whoever they are and wherever they are, are incorrect.

Bottom line, though, Greg - whether or not you believe it, these people are out there.


I believe it there are people who think like that. I run into them, and have ran into them everyday of my life. There have been tons of people who have assumed certain things about me in college and other places when in fact I was far more intelligent than they were.

I assumed, (incorrectly it seems) that this was another one of your misguided attempts to try and make this into some sort of blast on liberals who you always seems to speak ill of. I might of been misguided in this, and that is why I asked who thinks like this. The fact is, I know and have experienced many people who think like this. They see a black or minority face and just assume they are not up to snuff with them. I do find it satisfying that after about 10 minutes of conversation with me, they can see that these assumptions were misguided. But I do believe these thoughts are alive and flourishing.


Well,then perhaps we agree after all, Greg. You know that there are people out there who think this. And - you know that they are wrong.

This school, and others like it - are helping to prove those people wrong. (Although I will add that, prejudice knows not facts. You can throw the truth in front of a prejudiced person, and they can still embrace their prejudice. Unfortunately. Of course - my belief is that you never stop trying to alter their positions!)

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