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True this is horrible, and what else would one expect from the FBI and the Justice Department of the Bush Administration. If am correct, this is the same Justice Department that has dragged it's feet on the rape of an American woman by employee's of KBR. I wonder if Dick Cheney's connection to KBR is any reason behind this slow reaction from the Justice Department? Something tells me the Liberal Media would be all over that story if Bill or Hillary Clinton had connections to this company, or were earning proceeds from it. Yet that is not the story at hand, so let me stay on point. The interesting thing about this story is for one to see who is leading the fight to get this family their money back. That group the conservatives hate, the good old ACLU. If I am correct it was the same ACLU that took up the cause for Larry Craig when the Republican's turned their back on him.


Nice try to pin this on GWB, Greg.

Unfortunately for you, forfeiture laws have been in existence since 1970.



Yes, but there is a thing called discretion. Look it up in the dictionary.
Merriam Webster Dictionary list it as:

a:individual choice or judgment

b: power of free decision or latitude of choice within certain legal bounds

An agency is not forced to act on any forfeiture law. It is totally in the discretion of the overseeing law agency. Sort of like how the Civil Rights Department really has stopped looking into real civil rights violations under the current administration. That has been totally under the discretion of this administration. Or how a prosecutor having the discretion to whether to charge someone with a crime if the evidence points to there being a crime.

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