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You said it. I wear a size 8-10 and my bra is only a B cup, but I can't believe how AWFUL much of the current clothing looks on my figure! A few of the empire waisted shirts I've been able to wear, but almost none of the blazers fit! It's either a trapeze shape or a really really tight tiny cut that barely comes down to the top of my hips. Who are they kidding?

Thank God for eBay.


I am sure that with all the market research that these companies do, they have come to realize that the largest spending demographics are those 15 to 24 year olds that are spoke about in this post. That seems to be the same demographic that most advertisers and magazines catered to. Some might think rightfully that these marketing processes could be a direct cause in the now seen increase in plastic surgery.

If I am correct, you are advocate of the free market system. Does it not seem reasonable that if there was more of a buck to be made in the clothes you are speaking about, they would simply be making more of them? I am not sure, but it would seem that if there was such a large demand, and a larger profit to be made in the clothes you are speaking about here, retailers would simply be making more of them? I am far from a rocket scientist, but does that make any sense?


It sure makes sense, Greg. But - markets do not always work in a rational fashion. Just take a look at the dot.com craze of the late '90's - and the real estate market of the last 4-5 years.

My guess is that eventually some intelligent souls will work this out. In the meantime, though, as many of my female friends have said: "I just save money by wearing last year(s) fashions...."

I'm sure you are correct, though. Lots of teeny-boppers out there, and they probably do want the latest fashions out there. I will tell you, though, a lot of that crap is IN the stores on hangers.... apparently my friends and I are not the only women turned off by these fashions - and NOT purchasing.


For the most part, we men have it easy although I did notice some military "inspired" abominations at Lord and Taylor and at Nordstrom from some of the big name men designers. Hideous. I haven't seen anyone in their 20's wearing this crap outside of the fashion layouts in the Times and similar pubs. However, I was able to snag some great Italian wool/made in Italy v-necks for 27.99 to 34.99 this season. Why should that sweater you have picture cost more than $100 to $150 tops?


Johnny - you tell me about those nutty prices!

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