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That was kind of funny, I enjoy satire. Let me see if I can match it with more Republican Sexcapades. Too bad this is not funny, and far from being satire.


More of the standard family value Republicans. Seems like something new every week. Let me not leave out the Conservatives and Conservapedia


Now this stuff if it wasn't true, would be awfully funny. But it goes to the mind of conservatives and Republicans.


Seems to me that it is not just I that have concerns about Rudy, and perhaps his authoritative streak and his running on 9/11. So let's not deal with the Progressive or Left's views of him, we won't even bring up the view of many of the New York firemen. Has anyone check the cover of next month's American Conservative Magazine? They have a rather interesting picture of what I believe is Rudy.


I wonder exactly the point they are trying to make with that picture? Well, if one is not sure, they could read some of the articles which clearly point their concerns about Rudy? Some of the views and critiques offered in the magazine are far more detailed than any I have ever read on here about Hillary. Shockingly these critiques are based on policy, issues, and in a way which a person should decide on whom should be President, on how they would govern. Far from the garden variety of issues I have read on this blog when it pertains to any Democrat since issue, policies, and stances seem to have little value when Democrats, Progressives, or the Almighty Leftist Liberals are discussed.

J Boy

Good cartoon is usually founded with satire laced with elements of truth.
This has neither.

Try to be a little more creative.


I recommend you get a bit better informed as far as the "truth" aspect of this cartoon goes, J Boy.

"Creativity" however, is in the eye of the beholder.

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