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Can I ask a simple question. What is President Bush's position on repealing Estate Tax? You know the tax the Republican's love to call the death tax. Can one not consider that welfare for the rich? Warren Buffett seems to think so, yet I have never seen you comment on the issue of the Estate Tax.

So while you are always so quick to point out something you disagree with from Democrats (yeah I know you are not a Republican, and you are a straight shooter, get for real). Let me here you defend their plans to repeal the Estate Tax. Warren Buffett someone who probably has more insight into business then either of us, has stated his position on this topic. Perhaps you might read what he thinks.

Buffett Says Estate-Tax Repeal Would Benefit Richest

Here is a small glimpse of what Buffett said when he spoke about the tax laws that in the last 20 years, that have allowed the "super-rich" to get richer.

"Tax-law changes have benefited this group, including me, in a huge way. During that time the average American went exactly nowhere on the economic scale: He's been on a treadmill while the super rich have been on a spaceship."


Greg - why do you seem to have such a tough time with reading comprehension? This column from the WSJ is by no means complimentary about Republicans. Plenty from that party are just as supportive of handing out farm bucks for multi-millionaires as Democrats are.

The estate tax? Another topic.

My personal viewpoint is that the base at which it kicks in should be bumped up - somewhere between $3 to $4 million for individuals. Then - a progressive rate of taxation from thereon.

I would be against the estate tax altogether - except that some estates are achieved with little or no taxation during a lifetime.

Also. Genius that Warren Buffett is, that does not translate into Buffett being correct on every topic known to man.

For instance; I am a more experienced bridge player than Warren! (Sorry, Warren....)


"What else do you call welfare for the wealthy?"

How about Bush's tax cuts which have disproportionately benefitted the wealthy. As Warren Buffett has pointed out his secretary pays more taxes than he does.

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