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I am a little loss here, so before I really comment I need to ask. Are you placing the blame on groups like the New York Civil Liberties Union?

Should we not perhaps look at the economic policies of the Bush Administration under which we seen an increase in the number of homeless people, a rise in the foreclosure rate nearing that of the Great Depression, and those on the lower economic scale losing ground while those on the top have seen great increase in wealth? How does the New York Civil Liberties Organization or any Civil Liberty organization have to do with the increase in numbers of those that are homeless? I do not think they do, and if I am correct they seem to have more concern for these people than anyone you might find in the Bush Administration. I know this might sound like a broken record, but whom else am I to look at when I see the rise in homeless, the rise of those that are living in severe poverty, and the rise in foreclosures. I do not think any civil liberty groups are the cause for these things. Last I checked, the New York Civil Liberties Organization had no hand in the lack of arrests, hospitalizations, incarcerations, homelessness, or threats of violence and suicide for patients under that state's "Kendra's Law,". Those laws and policies were implemented through government actions and the New York Civil Liberties Union had no hand in this even though the advocated a position that you do not like. So if there is blame to be dished out, then it belongs with those who implement these plans, and not to those who might impose them.


Sometimes, Greg, some of us don't point fingers at anyone in particular.

I'm not so much concerned with exactly why this is the way it is. I'd just like to see it change to something more rational and humane.

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