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Wow, you are upset over lies, or the shading of truth. I am curious as to what is your take on the new study by the Center for Public Integrity and the Fund for Independence in Journalism found that the Bush administration issued 935 false statements about the threat from Iraq in the two years following 9/11. President Bush “led with 259 false statements, 231 about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.”

You know what I find the most interesting part of you and the Anybody But Hillary crowd? The utter lack of knowledge of anything she has ever done to generate this much hate. What exactly has she done to earn so much scorn? Did she kill someone? Torture anyone? Perform an act of treason? The thing which I never understood from this group of people is that they have never once listed a policy issue or stand she has taken that they so oppose.

As I have stated previously, I am not a Hillary supporter. I know I am way more liberal than you Peg, yet I can cite policy stances, and votes she has taken that I disagree with. I have said it before, she is Republican Lite. Her whole stance on voting for the war was made to save off any Republican criticism. Same with her vote on the Kyl/Libermann proposal. With all the secret things that Bush has done, who do you think would be most likely to continue his practices of secrecy? Or how about the wide use of signing statements? I mean if I was a Republican and I was forced to live under a Democrat Administration, Hillary would be the one to most proceed like a Republican than any of the other candidates. That is the reason why most Progressives are not behind her.

America is a free country, and people can vote for whomever they want, and for whatever reasons they want to. But is it not kind of silly to not vote for someone on the issues that you constantly bring up? I never read on any Right Wing or Republican leaning sites where anyone discusses her stances and votes. If you really wanted to get some insight on negative feelings about Hillary I would try Progressive blogs. Those blogs go into issues such as her voting record, and stances that are far more substantial than the issues I read from other blogs such as yours. But again this is America, and this is your blog so you have the freedom to write and dictate the direction of the discussion. The only thing I would add, your points would be far more valid if there was some discussions on issues more than the general notion of Anyone But Hillary.


What has Hillary done? Nothing more than what she has done since we first were introduced to her: lie, cheat, steal, harm anyone and everyone's reputations - if it serves her purposes.

Glad that you can state her policy stances, Greg. As far as I can tell, she says what best suits her needs when the situation arises. I have little notion of what - if anything - she truly values and embraces ... other than power.


Can you name any politician who has not lied? Rudy and every Republican out there has either lied or flip flopped on just about every major positions out there, and yet not a peep out of you. It has been proven that the Bush Administration used to 1000 misstatements to led this country into war, and again silence.

My issue, and the point I was trying to make, is that I have never read any of your criticism that has ever been on any stance she has taken. Like I said she voted for the war, a Republican position. She voted for Kly/Lieberman another Republican position. Burning the flag, yes again she went with the Republicans. She claims she is a leader, have you seen her lead on anything? I haven't. That is why I am not in favor of her. Yet every critique I see from you has been on the silliest of things. I agree she is not the greatest candidate in the world, she is far from being my first choice when it came to a democratic candidate. In fact there is no one in the current field that was my first or second choice, but we have what we have.

My major concern is that as much as Bush has messed up this country, whomever takes over will have a mess on their hands. It is important how we choose out next President (this should always be the case, but for some reason people in the past went with the ex-drunk who people thought would be nice to have a beer with). Because of these reasons should we not judge who will be our next President on intelligence and how they would rule and what they believe in? Or should we judge them on the silly things you seem to find major fault in Hillary, yet are somehow blind to the same faults in Republicans?


Greg - you may find having an amoral character irrelevant. I find it more important than almost anything else.

I do not like big government. Thus, there are several other candidates I would prefer over Hillary on the basis of issues.

On the basis of character, however, there is no one lower than Hillary. And it is not even close.

Like I said; I find that a critical component for serving as president.


"Greg - you may find having an amoral character irrelevant. I find it more important than almost anything else."

Wow, making money off the a national tragedy is a component of good character. Marrying one's cousin, adultery, announcing divorce procedures in front of news cameras, alienating one's own children are forthright virtues in your opinion. Rudy your choice has done many of these things to his own family, the people he claims to love. So what does that say for the way he would treat the country or government? I cannot recall Hillary is guilty of any of these, yet Rudy is.

You bring up lying, yet you been completely silent on Bush and company being found guilty for using 900 mis-statements (a kind word for lying) to start a war. What about the lying by Rudy about his shortcoming in the prelude to 9/11? Another set of lies easily exposed, but once again silence. There seems to be a strain of dichotomy here when the actions of Hillary are once again faulted (yet never actually sourced) and those sourced from Rudy and others that are well documented are dismissed.

Why not just say, I just do not like Hillary and stop trying to pretend as if there is a valid reason for not liking her? Just say I hate Hillary because she is a Democrat and she made the sin of marrying one man, Bill Clinton? The size of debt and government has grown more under George Bush, and you still support him. So this notion of disliking big government is a farce. The notions and reasons you come up for your disliking her are the same I hear from those who hate Bush, yet never know exactly why they hate him. Give me 5 minuted I can make it painfully clear why he should be despised, but I have facts behind me and not false or shady claims. If I was to use your ways of judging her, and do the same with let's say George Bush or Rudy, I am sure the scales would lean more towards them then her. Once again everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and their own voting conscience. But the constant falsehoods and double standards you apply to her, and are blind to from Republicans gets to be darn right funny after a while.

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