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Rudy seems to be going after McCain a lot more than any other candidate. I appreciate Rudy's executive experience, but I confess a bit of nervousness as to how troubled his family is. On the other hand, I'm not voting for him as family member role model. On the other hand, I'm not willing to write all that off as personal and irrelevant. So yes, I want Rudy to come out and play. At the very least, his coming out to play will help me sort out my mixed thoughts and emotions.


Doug - I'm bothered by some aspects of his personal life, too.

If people are looking for something - or someone - clearcut, I do not think you're going to find that person this election.

Still. We have to work with what we've got. And, as far as I can tell, with the sum of all things, Rudy is the best.

In the back of my mind, I keep on thinking "who can beat the Democrat?" and the answer seems to be "Rudy."


Rudy beat a democrat?? You got to be joking. Rudy can't beat Ron Paul, and he barely beat Duncan Hunter. Rudy is done, stick a fork in him. His strategy was to win in Florida and take a bounce from it, and head on to Super Tuesday. Latest figures has him down 10 points to John McCain in Florida. Basically the public/Republican Party was not buying what Rudy was selling. Just think about it, Rudy is talking about escalating the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. The head of the Joint Chiefs is claiming the military is close to it's breaking point. Anyone care to ask where Rudy is going to get these troops from? Try running on more war in a general election, that's a winning issue. McCain's problem is they have video of him saying 100 more years in Iraq. I am far from a Democratic campaign strategist, but anyone with have a clue knows that is commercial made for prime time. With material like that who needs Swift Boats or Willie Horton.

Now just to stay on point, I could care less about Rudy's personal life. The question of how he would govern, should be the most important issue. With me being an African American who spent some time in New York when Rudy was in charge had me scared. This is coming from someone who has never committed a crime, yet when Rudy was in charge that meant nothing. This was during the time when just being black, and a male could mean a death sentence or an intimate greeting with a plunger. My issues with Rudy evolve around his authoritative and mean streak. Plus the fact he pocketed tons of money off the back of fire fighters and 9/11. In my eyes that is just shady. I remember people going after the Clinton's and Whitewater, yet not a peep about Rudy and no-bid contracts with Motorola.

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