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Peggy you're becoming shrill in your distaste of Hillary. No one with any brains (and I know your a smart woman) can say that Hillary is not intelligent nor has a good grasp of the issues. Also, you can't excuse Rudy's philandering and yet condemn Bill's.
I dislike the current tone of the Clinton's campaigning as many others do. Please don't replicate it in your blogging.


Did I say that Hillary was not intelligent? I don't think so. But there is a distinction between "She's an intelligent woman" and being bowled over by "the force of her intellect." I do not think I am being shrill if I say that I myself know a number of women that I consider to be more intelligent than Mrs. Clinton.

As for Rudy and Bill ... I do not excuse Rudy's missteps in his personal life. Do I wish that he had done a better job of dealing with his relationships? Absolutely. I will say, though, that it is easier to judge from the outside without knowing all that goes on in the relationship. Frankly - my feeling about Bill Clinton is that it is ALSO easy to judge his philandering ... we are not privy to what went on with his marriage.

That being said - there is some difference between having an affair with a mature woman who does not work for you - and having an affair in your workplace with a young woman almost the age of your daughter who DOES work for you.... And then lying under oath about it all. (Remember; the really "bad stuff" was not about the affairs but about perjury.)

In any case: bottom line is that I do not give Rudy a pass at all. I think that none of the candidates are perfect, and Rudy surely is not in this regard.

Frankly, though I have many dear liberal friends and respect them and their intelligence - it continues to amaze me how this couple earns such accolades from them. While I admire much about Bill Clinton ... the Clintons' lack of character and class is essentially wanting.

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