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Just a side thought, if you'll pardon since it's only tangentially related to MLK. What if you replaced all references in the letter to segregation (and the implications of the tragedy of racisim) with references to terrorism and the results of terrorism and the rampant slavery (religious, social, economic, cultural) that enables it. What if we decided that the rest of the world were our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, our childern. Would we then as a nation, have such division over the decision to try to intervene and learn a way (a painful lesson to be sure) to overcome the plague of terrorism? Or could we accept the extrapolation of Kings emotion and passion to the larger world stage as the natural progression of his dream. We must as a nation stand up regardless of the price. We dare not turn inwards and accept meekly the price of history ignored because we are afraid. King may have been scared, I would have been. But he was eminently fearless. We must emulate his example as a nation on the world stage and stand up for our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and our priceless children, with full recognition of the price to be paid, but with fearless hearts.


Very well said, Dave.

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